Plus500 Review

Who is Plus500?

Plus500 is a multinational company and industry leader. Founded in 2008, they developed online trading for CFDs, trading facilities on shares, forex, commodities, ETFs, and options and indices. They have a worldwide license with offices in the UK, Cypress, and Australia. They are regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They have a sound reputation for security, though all investing has its risks. They operate a clearly detailed website, with a great deal of policy information listed. It is a publicly traded company, which can provide additional peace of mind.

Plus500 has a parent company, Plus500 Limited. This company is available on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in the London Stock Exchange with the trading insignia PLUS. Plus500 has been a proud sponsor of Atlético de Madrid. This Plus500 review will cover some of the company’s claims to fame.

Highlights of Plus500 include:

  • It’s fully accessible on a range of software, such as via Web Trader, and on windows, and on the go via mobile.
  • It can be accessed and used in 32 languages.
  • Demo accounts help clients learn the ropes before jumping in with real cash.
  • A minimum deposit is as low as $100.
  • It’s authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and by the British Financial Conduct Authority.

Plus500 Web Trader-Tech Specs

Plus500 is recognized as an industry leader in its technological avancements, mostly in regards to its unique and powerful platform. It is championed as being extremely user-friendly and useful to both beginners and professional traders. It can be accessed in 31 languages, making Plus500 a truly global entity.

Regarding security, like some other brokerages, Plus 500 will separate your money into a distinct account in order to keep it as safe as possible during your potential use. This is known as Plus500’s “Client Money Protection.” This is in line with the wishes of the Financial Conduct Authority. Other security behaviors for your funds include the fact that Plus500 will only do hedging with their segregated funds–not with that of their clients. Client money won’t ever go through hedge parties or counterparties and it won’t invest money of retail clients. Finally, high risk positions in marketplace won’t be started by Plus500 in general.

Plus 500 is innovative in its generation of a few apps aimed to make trading clear and convenient while on the go. The Plus500 app is available on the Apple App Store, and they’re also available via Google Play. Immediate quotes regarding Plus500 trading are updated regularly on screen.

Speaking again of the platform for Plus500, if you’re engaged in multiple commodities or shares, you will enjoy seeing all your trades up on a single screen. This screen is separated into three sections, with all main tools on the left hand side of the screen for easy to navigate use. There are many functions you can use to increase the technical movements on your screen. Depending on your working style, this could increase your efficiency and grants you a ‘big picture’ outlook. All aspects of your trade are clearly labelled and shown.  

The Plus500 platform also offers a number of unique tools:

  • Close at Profit: Once you obtain a specific profit level, you can end the trade easily
  • Close at Loss: If the trade lowered to a certain level, it can auto-close
  • Guaranteed Stop: You can navigate a limit to your losses. This is often used with high risk trades that can go up or down vehemently.
  • Price Alert: It lets you know when a trade has obtained a particular price point.

Plus500 proudly claims high end technological advancements. You can access the terminal via web browser without any downloads. However, if you prefer, it’s also possible to use a Plus500 download and work that way. Mobile sync is quite advanced and allows you to do all relevant tasks on-the-go.

Knowledge For You

If you’re a beginner trader, or if you just want to give Plus500 a chance before taking the leap with a first deposit, you might want to try the Plus500 demo account. There’s no time limit on such accounts, and you can use this to gain information and learn skills.

Spreads and Leverages

Firstly, it’s useful to know that Plus500 offers a significant variety of assets. These include some of the most popular global CFD shares–meaning you need not own the stock outright when you invest, but can contribute a minimum payment. Further, it is also a prime destination for forex trades between many conversions. They offer industry-leading indices as well as global commodities, ETFs, and options.

Leverages reach their peak at a ratio of 1 to 100. This high leverage can be both a good thing or a bad thing, and generally is considered risky even within forex trades. Going ahead with such endeavours should be done with education and caution.

Thankfully, there are no commissions taken on trades when you work via Plus500. As for spreads, they are not fixed, but variable. Distinctions between purchase and sell costs will change, often many times daily. However, it’s helpful to get a general sense of what kind of spreads to expect, based on what they were like in the past.

On average, spread rates are reasonble with Plus500, though vary, and may be better or worse than competitors at different times. However, this may be partly due to a lack of commission being charged. When bearing this in mind, the spreads may be considered even more reasonable.

An average spread for Plus500 is approximately 0.03 percent for an Australian to U.S. dollar trade, at a point of roughly 1.9pips. For a British pound to Australian dollar spread, an average would be approximately 0.02 percent and approximately 3.2pips.

If you’re open minded, consider too that Plus500 are also BitCoin CFD brokers–they trade Bitcoin. Although this is a relatively vulnerable asset, Plus500 Bitcoin trading presently allows it to be purchased at 2756.84, with a $2 spread per unit and a 1:5 leverage. Ethereum CFD can be bought at 254.35 with a $3 spread per unit and a 1:5 leverage.

Customer Service

Fortunately, Plus500 offers clients with assistance 24 hours a day and seven days a week with email and fax and online chat. If you’d prefer to chat via telephone, then you can do this too. Plus500 is also available via Plus500-Facebook.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

The easy choice between two accounts–a demo account where you can learn the system, and a real account which requires $100–makes sign up straightforward.

You can get started with your Plus500 login with only a $100 deposit via Moneybookers, PayPal, or with a wire transfer. Visa or Mastercard is the quickest way to get started. Wire transfers can take a business week to process.

If you need to withdraw funds later, than rigorous identification will be required in order to prove your identity.

Trading carries considerable risk of capital loss. Read all information carefully and feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions.

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